America Disarmed by Wayne LaPierre

America Disarmed

By Wayne LaPierre

  • Release Date: 2011-12-06
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
Score: 3.5
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What does President Barack Obama mean when he says he’s working for gun control “under the radar”?

You’ll find the answer in this book.

America Disarmed shows you how Obama and the United Nations are teaming up to make their gun ban dream – and your nightmare – a reality.

This expertly sourced sequel to Wayne LaPierre’s 2006 blockbuster, The Global War on Your Guns, exposes the Obama administration’s scheme to use the United Nations to make an end-run around the Constitution.

International anti-gun activists want to force America to license firearms owners; severely restrict all firearm purchases; destroy certain firearms deemed “unauthorized”; ban commonly owned semi-automatic rifles; and join an international gun registry.

In 2009 the Obama administration endorsed the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Resolution to establish an international conference on gun sales and ownership.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Under Secretary for Arms Control told the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: “We will work between now and the U.N. Conference in 2012 to negotiate a legally binding Arms Trade Treaty, and we’ll need your help in achieving it. We have made that a fundamental policy commitment.”

In 2012, leaders from around the world – many of them human rights violators, dictators and despots – will convene and draft an international law aimed squarely at your right to own, sell, purchase or carry a firearm.

NRA has been warning Americans about this threat for years – now the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty is on our doorstep.


  • Paid Political Anouncement

    By Michael Allred
    This reads like a really poorly written press release from the arms manufacturer of your choice. On the plus side, there aren't any actual facts to get in the way of this interesting fantasy novel.
  • Read

    By Bon boy age
    Read this and please ignore the negative liberal who does not know his terms review.(Ps a machine gun can't be semi automatic)
  • Belongs in the fiction section

    By Jhffxjf
    What a steaming pile of hyperbole and baseless accusations.
  • Very well done

    By Charles Adkins
    I think every American should read this. Ignore the liberal idiots. Read it.
  • Read, think, decide

    By Herb'nSC
    This is exactly the sort of informative, eye-opening book which those like Mr. Lutz would prefer that you not read, and it presents factual information they would prefer you not to have. The book is clearly written with extensive footnotes to sources. Read it, and think - and decide - for yourself. There is no such thing as a "semi-automatic machine gun" except in Mr. Lutz's over-active imagination. Semi-automatic firearms are not capable of automatic fire, and therefore by definition, fact and reality are not machine guns. (Machine guns have been highly regulated since the federal National Firearms Act of 1934.) Semi-automatic firearms have been around for over a century, and are among the most popular firearms used for competitive shooting (including in the National Matches), hunting, and personal and home protection.
  • On the contrary

    By mseanb
    You don't have to believe in conspiracies to understand where Mr. LaPierre is coming from. Don't take my word or someone else's word for it. Read. Reviewers like Mr. Lutz would have you believe that by "nothing to see here, just move along" you'll be just fine. The history of our nation and the world shows otherwise. Get yourself informed and don't take your freedom and your rights for granted.